Black Women who were Lynched in America


I knew about some of this. As I once pointed out the photos were essentially the Facebook/Instagram of their day. Ironically because of the photos, there is undisputed proof of the actions that Ida B. Wells Barnett documented in her Red Record, which while tough reading is a necessary read.It’s as necessary as Night by Elie Wiesel.

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2017 sacred libation flyer Flyer for Fourth Annual Sacred Libation Ceremony March 26, 2017 3:00 P.M. Sharp

Click here for full details on the 2017 Sacred Libation Ceremony In Remembrance of Our Sisters.

(Note: this post is just a partial list of Black Women who were lynched in America.  More research has revealed there are 148 documented cases of African American women lynched in America.  Four of them were known to have been pregnant. Two of them had their unborn children forcibly removed from their womb. You can see the full list at the post Recorded Cases of Black Female Lynching Victims 1886-1957: More on Black Women Who Were Lynched.)

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