Kaepernick’s Protest Gesture and the Militarization of Professional Sports


This is precisely why the Mizzou football team came under fire because they realized their collective power and their voice.

I still find it funny that people seem to conveniently forget when Zaevion Dobson’s mother, Zenobia Dobson reminded sports personalities and athletes at this year’s ESPYs that they had a lot of power and a lot of opportunities to give voice to a platform that others don’t.

Kaepernick is just answering the charge that was laid upon him and others like him.

Read and understand.

Tropics of Meta

Colin Kaepernick’s recent gesture has shaken up the sports world because he has refused to take part in one of professional, and amateur-level, sports’ most normalized rituals: the playing of the national anthem. The gesture has made an impact not solely because he is denouncing the current state of US race relations, but because his gesture exposes some of the real contradictions in professional sports as key sites for normalizing nationalism, militarism, hetero-normative-patriarchy, and social darwinist ideology. This nexus is perhaps best described as the militarization of professional sport.


Spending too much time watching professional sporting events might even lead one to believe that the world is a dog-eat-dog violent competition between men. Professional sports represent a type of competitive male subjectivity that carries a winner-take-all attitude, which is totally understandable for the fun of sport. After all, they are just games! At some point, however, the competitive spirit of…

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