New Operating Room At BWH Helps Breast Cancer Patients Avoid Multiple Surgeries


CBS Boston

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BOSTON (CBS) –  There is no other operating room like this in world. It has fancy lights, flat screens, and life-saving imaging equipment typically not found in the OR. Equipment like x-rays, CT scans, and MRI’s are all within arm’s reach.

It’s the AMIGO suite. A $20 million  state-of-the-art addition to Brigham and Women’s Hospital that could change the way doctors operate on breast cancer patients.

Patients like Judy Rosenbaum. Judy found a lump last summer. And just before the Concord mom underwent surgery to remove the tumor, her doctor asked her to take part in an innovative new study.

She was only the third patient to undergo the procedure, but Judy says she still jumped at the chance.

“I said ‘absolutely.’ This is my best shot at having one surgery and not needing a second or sometimes a third,” she said.

She had good…

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