Brighton Marathoner Seeks To Raise Money For Sandy Victims


Proof that someone from the land of Red Sox Nation has no problem doing something for the people of the “Evil Empire” at a moment’s notice.

CBS Boston

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BRIGHTON (CBS) – The New York Marathon was cancelled following Hurricane Sandy and the destruction she brought to the New York area. But even without the opportunity to run the official, one Brighton resident is hoping to use his athletic gifts to help those in need.

Greg Soutiea will start running at Dighton Ave. in Brighton on Sunday, and he hopes plenty of people will join him as he runs to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Soutiea, 28, just got back from New York and felt he couldn’t waste any time when it came to supporting those affected.

“I’d appreciate if anyone can come out and join me for a few miles,” Soutiea said.

For every $10 donated, Soutiea says he will run one mile.

“About 150 miles is where we are sitting right now,” he said.

All of the proceeds will…

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