I am thinking about one of the organizations profiled in the Food Network special, “Hunger Hits Home” – Minnie’s Food Pantry


One of the organizations profiled in the Food Network special, “Hunger Hits Home,” was Minnie’s Food Pantry, located in Plano, Texas.  It was founded by a woman named Cheryl Jackson, who named it after her mother Minnie Ewing.  It was Minnie who taught Cheryl the power of giving.

We learn during the course of the segment that Cheryl herself received food assistance at one point in her life.  When she remembered “being treated like a number,” instead of being treated like a human being.  It is important to Cheryl that at Minnie’s Food Pantry that they create a “humanizing atmosphere” for their clients so that people know that they are not just number, and that they should never feel shame for needing help.

Minnie’s Food Pantry has fed over 96,000 people and distributed over 1.2million pounds of food.

Minnie’s Food Pantry serves low income families that meet the TEXCAP guidelines at no cost, twice a month. Minnie’s Food Pantry relies on government aid and mostly private donations to meet operating costs.  Unfortunately, like many food banks and food pantries across the United States, Minnie’s Food Pantry takes faces the challenge of trying to meet an increasing demand for a decreasing supply. As founder Cheryl Jackson noted,” Everything’s bigger in Texas [where Minnie’s Food Pantry is based]. Guess what-so is hunger.” While increased demand is a challenge, Minnie’s Food Pantry holds fast to their mantra of “Feed just one,” which comes from their belief that “If you can’t feed 100 people, then Feed just ONE.”

For more information about Minnie’s Food Pantry:

Please visit their website: http://www.minniesfoodpantry.org/
Please follow them on Twitter: @FeedJustOne


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