The Holidays – Help Again Another Day


It’s coming upon the holiday season where the sentimentalism of the season leads many to rashly sign up and help anyone with anything just so they won’t be considered a “Scrooge.”

Oh the flurry of activity-the food drives, the secret Santas, the parables about good will towards those less fortunate.  Admittedly, in the past few years, more people have felt like they are the “less fortunate” and that they need help.

 There are the endless PSAs, tv specials  and ads that tell us that if we really loved our families, if we were really worthy people, we would spend money on a charity or an expensive item.

Unfortunately as the saying goes, “Christmas comes but once a year.”  Social issues remain all year around.  Sometimes this is forgotten.  Many times, our collective desire to have a better world gets ramped up starting in November and ends at the end of December-although it might extend to the end of January with that whole New Year’s resolution thing. By the time the end of December (or January) comes, there is nothing left emotionally for the rest of the year. 

Meanwhile, people still die while waiting for HIV medicine, children and women are still trafficked, and people still struggle to find ways of being economically self sufficient. Large challenges that aren’t solved in one day, much less within one holiday season.

So I hope that people don’t get worn out by the holiday season.  I hope that you know that whatever help you give whenever it is given, is just as valuable as if it were done at Christmas.  It will be just as much appreciated.


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