Why Amber Tamblyn Wrote A Novel About A Female Serial Rapist


“The feminist I am today is cumulative,” Amber Tamblyn tells me. “It’s been a result of so many unfair experiences, across a lifetime, that I w…

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Shelter from the Storm: Stories from the Texas Gulf Coast


Donations enable the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from this disaster.

As mentioned before but what sometimes get lost is that the people that at the local Red Cross chapters in Texas as well as those coming in from elsewhere are trained volunteers-just like the ones from the Salvation Army and Team Rubicon and All Hands Volunteers. They do incredible work in times of trouble and like the other similar organizations want to help everybody get upright so that they’ll be all right.

Red Alert - Red Cross DFW Blog

by Jennifer Hansen, American Red Cross Regional Digital Marketing Specialists

Under cloudy, humid skies, the threat of rain hanging heavy in the air, Tonya McIntyre is a welcome ray of sunshine. Standing outside the Walnut Hill Recreation Center in Dallas, which, as of yesterday, has operated as a City of Dallas shelter for Hurricane Harvey evacuees, the Houston resident epitomizes someone making the best of her situation.

“Once I arrived, the Red Cross seemed like they had everything organized, they were very friendly,” she said. “To me, it’s like a mini vacation in the middle of a bad situation.”


Tonya is one of hundreds of south Texas residents that now occupy the shelter, having fled the Category 4 storm as it made landfall near Rockport, TX, late Friday night. Winds of 130 mph, blinding rain, dangerous storm surges and catastrophic flooding came with it, and early reports of damage are…

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The Wonder Woman Franchise Should Celebrate its Multi-Racial Roots


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Now, the issue that the article references, was published a bit before my time.  I was a Wonder Woman tv series fan. I still think that Lynda Carter could’ve played her in the recent movie. 🙂

That said, the only dark skinned Amazon I ever knew was Phillipus and that was me just catching her real quick in one random issue of Wonder Woman.

DC should have continued with Nubia.  Heck they could’ve given her a solo comic of made her a member of the Justice League.  When it comes to comics, especially with characters of color-men or women-it seems like the Highlander Rule must be god.  I know this is changing but I guess not soon enough for me.


Black Women who were Lynched in America


I knew about some of this. As I once pointed out the photos were essentially the Facebook/Instagram of their day. Ironically because of the photos, there is undisputed proof of the actions that Ida B. Wells Barnett documented in her Red Record, which while tough reading is a necessary read.It’s as necessary as Night by Elie Wiesel.

Henrietta Vinton Davis's Weblog

2017 sacred libation flyer Flyer for Fourth Annual Sacred Libation Ceremony March 26, 2017 3:00 P.M. Sharp

Click here for full details on the 2017 Sacred Libation Ceremony In Remembrance of Our Sisters.

(Note: this post is just a partial list of Black Women who were lynched in America.  More research has revealed there are 148 documented cases of African American women lynched in America.  Four of them were known to have been pregnant. Two of them had their unborn children forcibly removed from their womb. You can see the full list at the post Recorded Cases of Black Female Lynching Victims 1886-1957: More on Black Women Who Were Lynched.)

***If you think what you are about to read is important, please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts. We want to know what led you to search for this information. It has been getting a lot of…

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Dissociation – One Of The Key Symptoms Of Complex PTSD ~ Lilly Hope Lucario — Healing From Complex Trauma


Complex trauma – is ongoing interpersonal trauma within a captivity situation, where the victim perceives there to be no viable escape. Examples are ongoing child abuse, sexual exploitation into pornography/prostitution, severe domestic violence. Dissociation is a severe but normal reaction, to severe and abnormal life experiences. When a person is experiencing ongoing severe abuse, the […]

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Call To Action: Call Your Reps (actually How To Do This)


While going through tweets I found a link to a post on tumblr about contacting your elected representatives about the issues that matter to you. A post that I will share the link to in this post.

To say that this is AMAZING is an understatement. I’m completely a pseudo-extrovert. When I need to I will speak out in person but I prefer to do it in writing. On paper and online – I’m fearless and witty and I get my point across. In person I fell less so and worry that I get swept away with the emotions when I do push (I was told that I am an ‘arguer’ ) or that people misinterpret my silence (usually they don’t, but nothing unnerves people more than silence).

Read up, use this a lot (don’t forget your representatives at the local level-the city/ward councilors, school board members, etc) and pass it on.

Excerpt from post on echothroughthefog:

How to call your reps when you have social anxiety
When you struggle with your mental health on a daily basis, it can be hard to take action on the things that matter most to you. The mental barriers anxiety creates often appear insurmountable. But sometimes, when you really need to, you can break those barriers down. This week, with encouragement from some great people on the internet, I pushed against my anxiety and made some calls to members of our government. Here’s a comic about how you can do that, too. (Continue here for resources and transcript.)